Terms and Conditions

I am going to be completely honest here, surprised?

Because I've then opened this up to anyone, I think we need a few house rules:

  • Fair Use - I depend on these systems, others will to. So please respect that and play nice. Otherwise I might have to either restrict it (that would be sad) or kick you off (that would be sad too).
  • Privicy - I have a lot in here, and again, others will to. I've been in the IT industry a long time and I know how nasty server attacks can be, and the risks having something accesible. I have number of security protocols in place to defend against attack. Also, don't fear that I (or anyone else) will go poking through your data. I have a strong set of ethics and take that kind of thing seriously. More can be found in relation to this at my Data Protection page.
  • Development - This will always be a work in progress. There is no such thing as a static system, therefore new features will come as and when I get time to deal with them. As I live by this system it's in my best interests to keep on top of this. I applogise in advance for any flakey aspects and if something in particular erks you then do let me know!

Finally, it is just me doing all of this, please have patience if something is not quite right. I want the experience for you to be as good as for my own, so as a fellow user, I quite understand. Just come and say hello and talk to me about it.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Kevin Groves