I love any creative or community project, in whatever field, even if not technology related. If it contributes to the community, we should all be behind it - community is important. To help others get started and make a worth while contribution to everyone's lives, I can provide some hosting options at a reasonable price to help you get started. And to continue this, I provide free inclusive support and management for all your questions big and small to help you get on with running your project instead of having to deal with security threats and too much techy stuff!

MyTodos @ BesBox

Other than providing hosting, I have a sub-project ongoing to help make life just that bit easier. First feature is to-do lists, to help keep on top of ideas (especially as a developer), or if like me, have a bit of a thing for keeping lists!

The Vision

Technological solutions are often created by either those not directly using it, or by marketing teams trying to latch on to a fad or gimmick. There are however cases where some get it right and survive the test of time.

Those are the ones we should learn from - and that is the objective.


The Project, formed as a casual project around 2005, and consists of a two-part name formed from the words: Bes and Box.

Box refers to my original home entertainment system that I designed with customer hardware around 2005 and housed inside a static model racing car. That project I enjoyed, it certainly looked cool and interesting with the custom lighting, unfortunately though, the custom hardware was a little outside most pockets and I eventually mothballed the project.

The Bes part refers to the ancient Egyptian god Bes (I have a life long interest in Egyptology), a god of home life and fun - the core of what I want my projects to be aimed at. Together they signify a project aimed at enjoying life which technology can assist with, without getting in the way.

The casual aspect of BesBox had remained as such for many years, off and on, I would dip back in from other projects and of course work. Now, and that is from 2019, after a very long circular route I have decided to reinvent BesBox as I think it's time has come - at long last!

My personal background has been in IT since the early 90's, moving through development teams to management and business analysis/integration projects in a variety of industries. Throughout my career I've encountered bad technology, and technology that was just for the sake of it, and being tasked to make everything work, and work seamlessly for those businesses. Its a challenge at times but it's one I love, for the best human-technology connections are ones that are intuitive.

Want To Help?

I can't make a revolution in tech on my own.

If you have an interest in making life better or simpler for all,
have an idea, or even skills to help, then I want to hear from you! Its fun to be part of a community project and see the difference we can make.

Get in touch

We want to hear from you, even just for fun! Use this form for any comments, ideas, and if you happen to find a bug. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can! Thanks!

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